Modern RESTful API DLs and frameworks for RESTful web services API schema modeling, documenting, visualizing

by   Kyrylo Malakhov, et al.
UkrNet LLC

The given paper presents an overview of modern RESTful API description languages (belongs to interface description languages set) - OpenAPI, RAML, WADL, Slate - designed to provide a structured description of a RESTful web APIs (that is useful both to a human and for automated machine processing), with related RESTful web API modeling frameworks. We propose an example of the schema model of web API of the service for pre-trained distributional semantic models (word embeddings) processing. This service is a part of the Personal Research Information System services ecosystem - the Research and Development Workstation Environment class system for supporting research in the field of ontology engineering: the automated building of applied ontology in an arbitrary domain area as a main feature; scientific and technical creativity: the automated preparation of application documents for patenting inventions in Ukraine. It also presents a quick look at the relationship of Service-Oriented Architecture and Web services as well as REST fundamentals and RESTful web services; RESTful API creation process.


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