Modelling short-term precipitation extremes with the blended generalised extreme value distribution

by   Silius M. Vandeskog, et al.

The yearly maxima of short-term precipitation are modelled to produce improved spatial maps of return levels over the south of Norway. The newly proposed blended generalised extreme value (bGEV) distribution is used as a substitute for the more standard generalised extreme value (GEV) distribution in order to simplify inference. Yearly precipitation maxima are modelled using a Bayesian hierarchical model with a latent Gaussian field. Fast inference is performed using the framework of integrated nested Laplace approximations (INLA). Inference is made less wasteful with a two-step procedure that performs separate modelling of the scale parameter of the bGEV distribution using peaks over threshold data. Our model provides good estimates for large return levels of short-term precipitation, and it outperforms standard block maxima models.



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