Modelling resource allocation in uncertain system environment through deep reinforcement learning

06/17/2021 ∙ by Neel Gandhi, et al. ∙ 0

Reinforcement Learning has applications in field of mechatronics, robotics, and other resource-constrained control system. Problem of resource allocation is primarily solved using traditional predefined techniques and modern deep learning methods. The drawback of predefined and most deep learning methods for resource allocation is failing to meet the requirements in cases of uncertain system environment. We can approach problem of resource allocation in uncertain system environment alongside following certain criteria using deep reinforcement learning. Also, reinforcement learning has ability for adapting to new uncertain environment for prolonged period of time. The paper provides a detailed comparative analysis on various deep reinforcement learning methods by applying different components to modify architecture of reinforcement learning with use of noisy layers, prioritized replay, bagging, duelling networks, and other related combination to obtain improvement in terms of performance and reduction of computational cost. The paper identifies problem of resource allocation in uncertain environment could be effectively solved using Noisy Bagging duelling double deep Q network achieving efficiency of 97.7 maximizing reward with significant exploration in given simulated environment for resource allocation.



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