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Modeling Pedagogical Learning Environment with Hybrid Model based on ICT

Pedagogy is a method that handles the ethos and culture of instruction from educators and the learning of learners. Pedagogy of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) refers to the interactions among the teacher, children, and learning environment based on ICT. It is a discipline that deals with the theory and practice of teaching strategies, teaching actions, teaching judgments, and decisions. It is also the understanding and needs of students as well as the background and interests of an individual one. In this paper, we have designed the pedagogical learning environment from the perspective of ICT education. In our methodology of the pedagogy for ICT, education includes the interaction among different elements. The methodology improves to propagate convenience differently into the educational environment. We are also building a hybrid model for the ICT development program. The hybrid model represents the combination of standards, stages, year level, and class level as well as brings it into one umbrella. We have constructed the pedagogical learning environment theoretically from the perspective of ICT education to the consideration of outcome-based ICT learning. Outcome-based education is a fundamental element for building any nation completely around the globe.


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