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Modeling Cooperation for SDN and NFV-Based Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems

by   Jose Moura, et al.

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) are increasing their importance in very distinct aspects of our society such as intelligent power grids, next generation mobile devices, or smart buildings. The operation of CPSs show stringent characteristics like high heterogeneity, dynamics, and complexity. These systems have also scarce resources to fulfill in a satisfactory way their entire load demand, which can be divided in both data processing and service execution. Hence, these new characteristics of CPSs impose that these systems should be managed with novel strategies for their resilient operation. Towards the resilient operation of CPSs, we propose an SDN-based solution enhanced by distributed Network Function Virtualization (NFV) modules at the top-most level of our solution architecture. These NFV agents will take orchestrated management decisions among them to ensure a resilient CPS configuration against threats and an optimum operation of the CPS. For this, we study and compare two distinct incentive mechanisms to enforce cooperation among NFVs. Thus, we aim to offer novel perspectives into the management of resilient CPSs, embedding IoT devices, modeled by Game Theory (GT), and programmed by some cutting-edge proposals in the area of software and virtualization platforms.


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