Modeling Caricature Expressions by 3D Blendshape and Dynamic Texture

by   Keyu Chen, et al.

The problem of deforming an artist-drawn caricature according to a given normal face expression is of interest in applications such as social media, animation and entertainment. This paper presents a solution to the problem, with an emphasis on enhancing the ability to create desired expressions and meanwhile preserve the identity exaggeration style of the caricature, which imposes challenges due to the complicated nature of caricatures. The key of our solution is a novel method to model caricature expression, which extends traditional 3DMM representation to caricature domain. The method consists of shape modelling and texture generation for caricatures. Geometric optimization is developed to create identity-preserving blendshapes for reconstructing accurate and stable geometric shape, and a conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN) is designed for generating dynamic textures under target expressions. The combination of both shape and texture components makes the non-trivial expressions of a caricature be effectively defined by the extension of the popular 3DMM representation and a caricature can thus be flexibly deformed into arbitrary expressions with good results visually in both shape and color spaces. The experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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