Modeling and Reasoning in Event Calculus using Goal-Directed Constraint Answer Set Programming

by   Joaquín Arias, et al.

Automated commonsense reasoning is essential for building human-like AI systems featuring, for example, explainable AI. Event Calculus (EC) is a family of formalisms that model commonsense reasoning with a sound, logical basis. Previous attempts to mechanize reasoning using EC faced difficulties in the treatment of the continuous change in dense domains (e.g., time and other physical quantities), constraints among variables, default negation, and the uniform application of different inference methods, among others. We propose the use of s(CASP), a query-driven, top-down execution model for Predicate Answer Set Programming with Constraints, to model and reason using EC. We show how EC scenarios can be naturally and directly encoded in s(CASP) and how it enables deductive and abductive reasoning tasks in domains featuring constraints involving both dense time and dense fluents.



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