Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning

03/27/2020 ∙ by Cheng Lin, et al. ∙ 23

We explore how to enable machines to model 3D shapes like human modelers using reinforcement learning (RL). In 3D modeling software like Maya, a modeler usually creates a mesh model in two steps: (1) approximating the shape using a set of primitives; (2) editing the meshes of the primitives to create detailed geometry. Inspired by such artist-based modeling, we propose a two-step neural framework based on RL to learn 3D modeling policies. By taking actions and collecting rewards in an interactive environment, the agents first learn to parse a target shape into primitives and then to edit the geometry. To effectively train the modeling agents, we introduce a novel training algorithm that combines heuristic policy, imitation learning and reinforcement learning. Our experiments show that the agents can learn good policies to produce regular and structure-aware mesh models, which demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed RL framework.



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Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning (ECCV2020)

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Deform meshes by reinforcement learning

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Generate a Rhino file that matches a target input mesh

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A Deep Reinforcement Learning application for 3D object modeling policies.

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