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Model-free and Bayesian Ensembling Model-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Particle Accelerator Control Demonstrated on the FERMI FEL

by   Simon Hirlaender, et al.

Reinforcement learning holds tremendous promise in accelerator controls. The primary goal of this paper is to show how this approach can be utilised on an operational level on accelerator physics problems. Despite the success of model-free reinforcement learning in several domains, sample-efficiency still is a bottle-neck, which might be encompassed by model-based methods. We compare well-suited purely model-based to model-free reinforcement learning applied to the intensity optimisation on the FERMI FEL system. We find that the model-based approach demonstrates higher representational power and sample-efficiency, while the asymptotic performance of the model-free method is slightly superior. The model-based algorithm is implemented in a DYNA-style using an uncertainty aware model, and the model-free algorithm is based on tailored deep Q-learning. In both cases, the algorithms were implemented in a way, which presents increased noise robustness as omnipresent in accelerator control problems. Code is released in


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