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Model Bias in NLP – Application to Hate Speech Classification

by   Jonas Bokstaller, et al.

This document sums up our results forthe NLP lecture at ETH in the spring semester 2021. In this work, a BERT based neural network model (Devlin et al.,2018) is applied to the JIGSAW dataset (Jigsaw/Conversation AI, 2019) in order to create a model identifying hateful and toxic comments (strictly seperated from offensive language) in online social platforms (English language), inthis case Twitter. Three other neural network architectures and a GPT-2 (Radfordet al., 2019) model are also applied on the provided data set in order to compare these different models. The trained BERT model is then applied on two different data sets to evaluate its generalisation power, namely on another Twitter data set (Tom Davidson, 2017) (Davidsonet al., 2017) and the data set HASOC 2019 (Thomas Mandl, 2019) (Mandl et al.,2019) which includes Twitter and also Facebook comments; we focus on the English HASOC 2019 data. In addition, it can be shown that by fine-tuning the trained BERT model on these two datasets by applying different transfer learning scenarios via retraining partial or all layers the predictive scores improve compared to simply applying the model pre-trained on the JIGSAW data set. Withour results, we get precisions from 64 values of at least lower 60s in social platforms.


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