Model-Based Underwater 6D Pose Estimation from RGB

by   Davide Sapienza, et al.

Object pose estimation underwater allows an autonomous system to perform tracking and intervention tasks. Nonetheless, underwater target pose estimation is remarkably challenging due to, among many factors, limited visibility, light scattering, cluttered environments, and constantly varying water conditions. An approach is to employ sonar or laser sensing to acquire 3D data, but besides being costly, the resulting data is normally noisy. For this reason, the community has focused on extracting pose estimates from RGB input. However, the literature is scarce and exhibits low detection accuracy. In this work, we propose an approach consisting of a 2D object detection and a 6D pose estimation that reliably obtains object poses in different underwater scenarios. To test our pipeline, we collect and make available a dataset of 4 objects in 10 different real scenes with annotations for object detection and pose estimation. We test our proposal in real and synthetic settings and compare its performance with similar end-to-end methodologies for 6D object pose estimation. Our dataset contains some challenging objects with symmetrical shapes and poor texture. Regardless of such object characteristics, our proposed method outperforms stat-of-the-art pose accuracy by  8 demonstrate the reliability of our pose estimation pipeline by doing experiments with an underwater manipulation in a reaching task.


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