Model-based Lookahead Reinforcement Learning

by   Zhang-Wei Hong, et al.
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Model-based Reinforcement Learning (MBRL) allows data-efficient learning which is required in real world applications such as robotics. However, despite the impressive data-efficiency, MBRL does not achieve the final performance of state-of-the-art Model-free Reinforcement Learning (MFRL) methods. We leverage the strengths of both realms and propose an approach that obtains high performance with a small amount of data. In particular, we combine MFRL and Model Predictive Control (MPC). While MFRL's strength in exploration allows us to train a better forward dynamics model for MPC, MPC improves the performance of the MFRL policy by sampling-based planning. The experimental results in standard continuous control benchmarks show that our approach can achieve MFRL`s level of performance while being as data-efficient as MBRL.


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