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Mobile Security for the modern CEO: Attacks, Mitigations, and Future Trends

by   Marc Schmitt, et al.

Todays world is digital, global, and interconnected and mobile devices are at the heart of modern communications in business, politics, and civil society. However, cyber threats are an omnipresent reality in our hyper-connected world. The world economic forum ranks cyber threats consistently among the global top security risks. Attacks on mobile devices grow yearly in volume and magnitude causing severe damage. This paper offers a comprehensive overview of modern mobile attacks categorized into malware, phishing, communication, supply chain, physical, and authentication attacks, including a section on mitigations and limitations. It also provides security design tips to secure the mobile setup and general recommendations to prevent the successful execution of an incoming attack. The last section highlights future technology trends and how those will impact and change the mobile security landscape in the future.


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