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Mobile Robot Path Planning in Dynamic Environments: A Survey

by   Kuanqi Cai, et al.

The environment that the robot operating in is becoming more and more complex, which poses great challenges on robot navigation. This paper gives an overview of the navigation framework for robot running in dense environment. The path planning in the navigation framework of mobile robots is divided into global planning and local planning according to the planning scope and the executability. Robot navigation is a multi-objective problem, which not only needs to complete the given tasks but also needs to simultaneously maintain the social comfort level. Consequently, we focus on the reinforcement learning-based path planning algorithms and analyze the development status, advantages, and disadvantages of the existing algorithms. Besides, path planning in a dynamic environment for robots will be further studied in the future in the areas of the advanced algorithm, hybrid algorithm, mu10.15878/j.cnki.instrumentation.2019.02.010lti-robot collaboration, social model, and artificial intelligence algorithm combination.


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