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Mobile Device Synchronisation with Central Database based on Data Relevance

by   Jan Kožusznik, et al.

Distributed applications are broadly used due the existence of mobile devices as are mobile phones, tablets and chrome books. They are often based on an architecture client-server. A server part contains a central storage where all application data are stored. A specific user accesses data using a client part of an application. The client part of the application can store data in its local storage to enable an offline mode. In the past, we were developing such a client-server software system and we realized that it doesn't exists a general way how to define, search and provide into a client part only those data that are important or relevant to a particular user. The aim of this article is a definition of the problem and a creation of its general solution, not how to achieve the most effective and complete data synchronization. Complete synchronization of data that has been already theoretically and practically solved on a general level and it is impractical for our case


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