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Mobile Access Control System Based on RFID Tags And Facial Information

by   Kostiantyn Khabarlak, et al.

RFID tags see a widespread use in modern security systems, including home intercoms, access control cards, etc. Here we focus on access control systems. Currently they have either high cost or low security guarantees. Hence, the developments focusing on improving access control security while lowering the cost is a rapidly developing field. The purpose of this work is to create an alternative access control scheme, where card scanners are replaced with passive RFID tags, and all the communications are done via user's smartphone Wi-Fi. Based on the analysis of existing approaches, it was concluded that use of mobile systems is the most promising due to their expandability and presence of a large number of sensors, such as NFC, camera etc. In the proposed model RFID tags are mounted near a turnstile or a smart door. Tag reading and programming is done via NFC chip directly on an Android or iOS mobile device, which allows for a significant price cut for such a system implementation. A detailed description of a tag writing procedure with the data required to perform it is provided. To enhance security, together with smartphone-based authorization we require the user to provide his photograph while entering a secure gate. The photograph is then displayed on a monitoring dashboard side-by-side with his registration picture, so that the two can then be matched against each other. The developed client-server application offers administrative system used to configure gate access policies and monitor entrances with filters by access time, user and gate. Also, we propose a mobile application that allows gate registration and serves as a door unlock key. The suggested access control model reduces installation costs required, as it is fully wireless and uses cheap autonomous RFID-tags as its main component.


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