Mixed-Reality Robotic Games: Design Guidelines for Effective Entertainment with Consumer Robots

by   F. Gabriele Pratticò, et al.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the use of robotic technology at home. A number of service robots appeared on the market, supporting customers in the execution of everyday tasks. Roughly at the same time, consumer level robots started to be used also as toys or gaming companions. However, gaming possibilities provided by current off-the-shelf robotic products are generally quite limited, and this fact makes them quickly loose their attractiveness. A way that has been proven capable to boost robotic gaming and related devices consists in creating playful experiences in which physical and digital elements are combined together using Mixed Reality technologies. However, these games differ significantly from digital- or physical only experiences, and new design principles are required to support developers in their creative work. This papers addresses such need, by drafting a set of guidelines which summarize developments carried out by the research community and their findings.


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