Mixed methods for the velocity-pressure-pseudostress formulation of the Stokes eigenvalue problem

03/05/2021 ∙ by Felipe Lepe, et al. ∙ 0

In two and three dimensional domains, we analyze mixed finite element methods for a velocity-pressure-pseudostress formulation of the Stokes eigenvalue problem. The methods consist in two schemes: the velocity and pressure are approximated with piecewise polynomial and for the pseudostress we consider two classic families of finite elements for H(div) spaces: the Raviart-Thomas and the Brezzi-Douglas Marini elements. With the aid of the classic spectral theory for compact operators, we prove that our method does not introduce spurious modes. Also, we obtain convergence and error estimates for the proposed methods. In order to assess the performance of the schemes, we report numerical results to compare the accuracy and robustness between both numerical schemes.



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