Mixed-level identification of fault redundancy in microprocessors

by   Adeboye Stephen Oyeniran, et al.

A new high-level implementation independent functional fault model for control faults in microprocessors is introduced. The fault model is based on the instruction set, and is specified as a set of data constraints to be satisfied by test data generation. We show that the high-level test, which satisfies these data constraints, will be sufficient to guarantee the detection of all non-redundant low level faults. The paper proposes a simple and fast simulation based method of generating test data, which satisfy the constraints prescribed by the proposed fault model, and a method of evaluating the high-level control fault coverage for the proposed fault model and for the given test. A method is presented for identification of the high-level redundant faults, and it is shown that a test, which provides 100 non-redundant high-level faults, will also guarantee 100 coverage, whereas all gate-level SAF not covered by the test are identified as redundant. Experimental results of test generation for the execution part of a microprocessor support the results presented in the paper.


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