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Mirror-Yolo: An attention-based instance segmentation and detection model for mirrors

by   Fengze Li, et al.

Mirrors can degrade the performance of computer vision models, however to accurately detect mirrors in images remains challenging. YOLOv4 achieves phenomenal results both in object detection accuracy and speed, nevertheless the model often fails in detecting mirrors. In this paper, a novel mirror detection method `Mirror-YOLO' is proposed, which mainly targets on mirror detection. Based on YOLOv4, the proposed model embeds an attention mechanism for better feature acquisition, and a hypercolumn-stairstep approach for feature map fusion. Mirror-YOLO can also produce accurate bounding polygons for instance segmentation. The effectiveness of our proposed model is demonstrated by our experiments, compared to the existing mirror detection methods, the proposed Mirror-YOLO achieves better performance in detection accuracy on the mirror image dataset.


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