Mining Arguments from Cancer Documents Using Natural Language Processing and Ontologies

by   Adrian Groza, et al.

In the medical domain, the continuous stream of scientific research contains contradictory results supported by arguments and counter-arguments. As medical expertise occurs at different levels, part of the human agents have difficulties to face the huge amount of studies, but also to understand the reasons and pieces of evidences claimed by the proponents and the opponents of the debated topic. To better understand the supporting arguments for new findings related to current state of the art in the medical domain we need tools able to identify arguments in scientific papers. Our work here aims to fill the above technological gap. Quite aware of the difficulty of this task, we embark to this road by relying on the well-known interleaving of domain knowledge with natural language processing. To formalise the existing medical knowledge, we rely on ontologies. To structure the argumentation model we use also the expressivity and reasoning capabilities of Description Logics. To perform argumentation mining we formalise various linguistic patterns in a rule-based language. We tested our solution against a corpus of scientific papers related to breast cancer. The run experiments show a F-measure between 0.71 and 0.86 for identifying conclusions of an argument and between 0.65 and 0.86 for identifying premises of an argument.


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