Mining Architectural Information: A Systematic Mapping Study

by   Musengamana Jean de Dieu, et al.

Context: Mining Software Repositories (MSR) has become an essential activity in software development. Mining architectural information to support architecting activities, such as architecture understanding and recovery, has received a significant attention in recent years. However, there is an absence of a comprehensive understanding of the state of research on mining architectural information. Objective: This work aims to identify, analyze, and synthesize the literature on mining architectural information in software repositories in terms of architectural information and sources mined, architecting activities supported, approaches and tools used, and challenges faced. Method: A Systematic Mapping Study (SMS) has been conducted on the literature published between January 2006 and November 2021. Results: Of the 79 primary studies finally selected, 8 categories of architectural information have been mined, among which architectural description is the most mined architectural information; 12 architecting activities can be supported by the mined architectural information, among which architecture understanding is the most supported activity; 81 approaches and 52 tools were proposed and employed in mining architectural information; and 4 types of challenges in mining architectural information were identified. Conclusions: This SMS provides researchers with promising future directions and help practitioners be aware of what approaches and tools can be used to mine what architectural information from what sources to support various architecting activities.


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