Minimizing Fuzzy Interpretations in Fuzzy Description Logics by Using Crisp Bisimulations

by   Linh Anh Nguyen, et al.

The problem of minimizing finite fuzzy interpretations in fuzzy description logics (FDLs) is worth studying. For example, the structure of a fuzzy/weighted social network can be treated as a fuzzy interpretation in FDLs, where actors are individuals and actions are roles. Minimizing the structure of a fuzzy/weighted social network makes it more compact, thus making network analysis tasks more efficient. In this work, we study the problem of minimizing a finite fuzzy interpretation in a FDL by using the largest crisp auto-bisimulation. The considered FDLs use the Baaz projection operator and their semantics is specified using an abstract algebra of fuzzy truth values, which can be any linear and complete residuated lattice. We provide an efficient algorithm with a complexity of O((m logl + n) logn) for minimizing a given finite fuzzy interpretation ℐ, where n is the size of the domain of ℐ, m is number of nonzero instances of atomic roles of ℐ and l is the number of different fuzzy values used for instances of atomic roles of ℐ. We prove that the fuzzy interpretation returned by the algorithm is minimal among the ones that preserve fuzzy TBoxes and ABoxes under certain conditions.


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