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Minimax Supervised Clustering in the Anisotropic Gaussian Mixture Model: A new take on Robust Interpolation

by   Stanislav Minsker, et al.
University of Southern California

We study the supervised clustering problem under the two-component anisotropic Gaussian mixture model in high dimensions and in the non-asymptotic setting. We first derive a lower and a matching upper bound for the minimax risk of clustering in this framework. We also show that in the high-dimensional regime, the linear discriminant analysis (LDA) classifier turns out to be sub-optimal in the minimax sense. Next, we characterize precisely the risk of ℓ_2-regularized supervised least squares classifiers. We deduce the fact that the interpolating solution may outperform the regularized classifier, under mild assumptions on the covariance structure of the noise. Our analysis also shows that interpolation can be robust to corruption in the covariance of the noise when the signal is aligned with the "clean" part of the covariance, for the properly defined notion of alignment. To the best of our knowledge, this peculiar phenomenon has not yet been investigated in the rapidly growing literature related to interpolation. We conclude that interpolation is not only benign but can also be optimal, and in some cases robust.


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