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Minimax optimal goodness-of-fit testing for densities under a local differential privacy constraint

by   Joseph Lam-Weil, et al.

Finding anonymization mechanisms to protect personal data is at the heart of machine learning research. Here we consider the consequences of local differential privacy constraints on goodness-of-fit testing, i.e. the statistical problem assessing whether sample points are generated from a fixed density f_0, or not. The observations are hidden and replaced by a stochastic transformation satisfying the local differential privacy constraint. In this setting, we propose a new testing procedure which is based on an estimation of the quadratic distance between the density f of the unobserved sample and f_0. We establish minimax separation rates for our test over Besov balls. We also provide a lower bound, proving the optimality of our result. To the best of our knowledge, we provide the first minimax optimal test and associated private transformation under a local differential privacy constraint, quantifying the price to pay for data privacy.


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