Mime: Mimicking Centralized Stochastic Algorithms in Federated Learning

08/08/2020 ∙ by Sai Praneeth Karimireddy, et al. ∙ 0

Federated learning is a challenging optimization problem due to the heterogeneity of the data across different clients. Such heterogeneity has been observed to induce client drift and significantly degrade the performance of algorithms designed for this setting. In contrast, centralized learning with centrally collected data does not experience such drift, and has seen great empirical and theoretical progress with innovations such as momentum, adaptivity, etc. In this work, we propose a general framework Mime which mitigates client-drift and adapts arbitrary centralized optimization algorithms (e.g. SGD, Adam, etc.) to federated learning. Mime uses a combination of control-variates and server-level statistics (e.g. momentum) at every client-update step to ensure that each local update mimics that of the centralized method. Our thorough theoretical and empirical analyses strongly establish Mime's superiority over other baselines.



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