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Middleware Building Blocks for Workflow Systems

by   Matteo Turilli, et al.

This paper describes a building blocks approach to the design of scientific workflow systems. We discuss RADICAL-Cybertools as one implementation of the building blocks concept, showing how they are designed and developed in accordance with this approach. Four case studies are presented, discussing how RADICAL-Cybertools are integrated with existing workflow, workload, and general purpose computing systems to support the execution of scientific workflows. This paper offers three main contributions: (i) showing the relevance of the design principles of self-sufficiency, interoperability, composability and extensibility for middleware to support scientific workflows on high performance computing machines; (ii) illustrating a set of building blocks that enable multiple points of integration, which results in design flexibility and functional extensibility, as well as providing a level of "unification" in the conceptual reasoning across otherwise very different tools and systems; and (iii) showing how these building blocks have been used to develop and integrate workflow systems.


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