MetricGAN+: An Improved Version of MetricGAN for Speech Enhancement

by   Szu-Wei Fu, et al.

The discrepancy between the cost function used for training a speech enhancement model and human auditory perception usually makes the quality of enhanced speech unsatisfactory. Objective evaluation metrics which consider human perception can hence serve as a bridge to reduce the gap. Our previously proposed MetricGAN was designed to optimize objective metrics by connecting the metric with a discriminator. Because only the scores of the target evaluation functions are needed during training, the metrics can even be non-differentiable. In this study, we propose a MetricGAN+ in which three training techniques incorporating domain-knowledge of speech processing are proposed. With these techniques, experimental results on the VoiceBank-DEMAND dataset show that MetricGAN+ can increase PESQ score by 0.3 compared to the previous MetricGAN and achieve state-of-the-art results (PESQ score = 3.15).


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MetricGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks based Black-box Metric Scores Optimization for Speech Enhancement (ICML 2019, with Travel awards)

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