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Metric Learning for User-defined Keyword Spotting

by   Jaemin Jung, et al.

The goal of this work is to detect new spoken terms defined by users. While most previous works address Keyword Spotting (KWS) as a closed-set classification problem, this limits their transferability to unseen terms. The ability to define custom keywords has advantages in terms of user experience. In this paper, we propose a metric learning-based training strategy for user-defined keyword spotting. In particular, we make the following contributions: (1) we construct a large-scale keyword dataset with an existing speech corpus and propose a filtering method to remove data that degrade model training; (2) we propose a metric learning-based two-stage training strategy, and demonstrate that the proposed method improves the performance on the user-defined keyword spotting task by enriching their representations; (3) to facilitate the fair comparison in the user-defined KWS field, we propose unified evaluation protocol and metrics. Our proposed system does not require an incremental training on the user-defined keywords, and outperforms previous works by a significant margin on the Google Speech Commands dataset using the proposed as well as the existing metrics.


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