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MetaInfoNet: Learning Task-Guided Information for Sample Reweighting

by   Hongxin Wei, et al.

Deep neural networks have been shown to easily overfit to biased training data with label noise or class imbalance. Meta-learning algorithms are commonly designed to alleviate this issue in the form of sample reweighting, by learning a meta weighting network that takes training losses as inputs to generate sample weights. In this paper, we advocate that choosing proper inputs for the meta weighting network is crucial for desired sample weights in a specific task, while training loss is not always the correct answer. In view of this, we propose a novel meta-learning algorithm, MetaInfoNet, which automatically learns effective representations as inputs for the meta weighting network by emphasizing task-related information with an information bottleneck strategy. Extensive experimental results on benchmark datasets with label noise or class imbalance validate that MetaInfoNet is superior to many state-of-the-art methods.


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