MetaDelta: A Meta-Learning System for Few-shot Image Classification

by   Yudong Chen, et al.
Tsinghua University

Meta-learning aims at learning quickly on novel tasks with limited data by transferring generic experience learned from previous tasks. Naturally, few-shot learning has been one of the most popular applications for meta-learning. However, existing meta-learning algorithms rarely consider the time and resource efficiency or the generalization capacity for unknown datasets, which limits their applicability in real-world scenarios. In this paper, we propose MetaDelta, a novel practical meta-learning system for the few-shot image classification. MetaDelta consists of two core components: i) multiple meta-learners supervised by a central controller to ensure efficiency, and ii) a meta-ensemble module in charge of integrated inference and better generalization. In particular, each meta-learner in MetaDelta is composed of a unique pretrained encoder fine-tuned by batch training and parameter-free decoder used for prediction. MetaDelta ranks first in the final phase in the AAAI 2021 MetaDL Challenge[], demonstrating the advantages of our proposed system. The codes are publicly available at


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