MetaBox+: A new Region Based Active Learning Method for Semantic Segmentation using Priority Maps

by   Pascal Colling, et al.

We present a novel region based active learning method for semantic image segmentation, called MetaBox+. For acquisition, we train a meta regression model to estimate the segment-wise Intersection over Union (IoU) of each predicted segment of unlabeled images. This can be understood as an estimation of segment-wise prediction quality. Queried regions are supposed to minimize to competing targets, i.e., low predicted IoU values / segmentation quality and low estimated annotation costs. For estimating the latter we propose a simple but practical method for annotation cost estimation. We compare our method to entropy based methods, where we consider the entropy as uncertainty of the prediction. The comparison and analysis of the results provide insights into annotation costs as well as robustness and variance of the methods. Numerical experiments conducted with two different networks on the Cityscapes dataset clearly demonstrate a reduction of annotation effort compared to random acquisition. Noteworthily, we achieve 95 (mIoU), using MetaBox+ compared to when training with the full dataset, with only 10.47



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