Meta-FDMixup: Cross-Domain Few-Shot Learning Guided by Labeled Target Data

07/26/2021 ∙ by Yuqian Fu, et al. ∙ FUDAN University 3

A recent study finds that existing few-shot learning methods, trained on the source domain, fail to generalize to the novel target domain when a domain gap is observed. This motivates the task of Cross-Domain Few-Shot Learning (CD-FSL). In this paper, we realize that the labeled target data in CD-FSL has not been leveraged in any way to help the learning process. Thus, we advocate utilizing few labeled target data to guide the model learning. Technically, a novel meta-FDMixup network is proposed. We tackle this problem mainly from two aspects. Firstly, to utilize the source and the newly introduced target data of two different class sets, a mixup module is re-proposed and integrated into the meta-learning mechanism. Secondly, a novel disentangle module together with a domain classifier is proposed to extract the disentangled domain-irrelevant and domain-specific features. These two modules together enable our model to narrow the domain gap thus generalizing well to the target datasets. Additionally, a detailed feasibility and pilot study is conducted to reflect the intuitive understanding of CD-FSL under our new setting. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our new setting and the proposed method. Codes and models are available at



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