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MEDOC: a Python wrapper to load MEDLINE into a local MySQL database

by   Emeric Dynomant, et al.

Since the MEDLINE database was released, the number of documents indexed by this entity has risen every year. Several tools have been developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to query this corpus of scientific publications. However, in terms of advances in big data, text-mining and data science, an option to build a local relational database containing all metadata available on MEDLINE would be truly useful to optimally exploit these resources. MEDOC (MEdline DOwnloading Contrivance) is a Python program designed to download data on an FTP and to load all extracted information into a local MySQL database. It took MEDOC 4 days and 17 hours to load the 26 million documents available on this server onto a standard computer. This indexed relational database allows the user to build complex and rapid queries. All fields can thus be searched for desired information, a task that is difficult to accomplish through the PubMed graphical interface. MEDOC is free and publicly available at


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MEDOC is a free python wrapper to clone MEDLINE into local mySQL database

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