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Mechanized Noninterference for Gradual Security

by   Tianyu Chen, et al.

This paper presents the first machine-checked proof of noninterference for a language with gradual information-flow control, thereby establishing a rock solid foundation for secure programming languages that give programmers the choice between runtime versus compile-time enforcement. Along the way we uncovered a flaw in one of the noninterference proofs in the literature, and give a counterexample for one of the main lemmas. The particular language studied in this paper, λ_𝚂𝙴𝙲^⋆, is based on the GLIO language of Azevedo de Amorim et al. [2020]. To make the design more accessible to other researchers, this paper contributes the first traditional semantics for the language, that is, we define compilation from λ_𝚂𝙴𝙲^⋆ to a cast calculus and design a reduction semantics for the latter that includes blame tracking. In addition to the proof of noninterference, we also mechanize proofs of type safety, determinism, and that compilation preserves types.


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