Mechanically Powered Motion Imaging Phantoms: Proof of Concept

by   Alberto Gomez, et al.
King's College London

Motion imaging phantoms are expensive, bulky and difficult to transport and set-up. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a simple approach to the design of multi-modality motion imaging phantoms that use mechanically stored energy to produce motion. We propose two phantom designs that use mainsprings and elastic bands to store energy. A rectangular piece was attached to an axle at the end of the transmission chain of each phantom, and underwent a rotary motion upon release of the mechanical motor. The phantoms were imaged with MRI and US, and the image sequences were embedded in a 1D non linear manifold (Laplacian Eigenmap) and the spectrogram of the embedding was used to derive the angular velocity over time. The derived velocities were consistent and reproducible within a small error. The proposed motion phantom concept showed great potential for the construction of simple and affordable motion phantoms


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