Measuring Association Between Labels and Free-Text Rationales

by   Sarah Wiegreffe, et al.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Interpretable NLP has taking increasing interest in ensuring that explanations are faithful to the model's decision-making process. This property is crucial for machine learning researchers and practitioners using explanations to better understand models. While prior work focuses primarily on extractive rationales (a subset of the input elements), we investigate their less-studied counterpart: free-text natural language rationales. We demonstrate that existing models for faithful interpretability do not extend cleanly to tasks where free-text rationales are needed. We turn to models that jointly predict and rationalize, a common class of models for free-text rationalization whose faithfulness is not yet established. We propose measurements of label-rationale association, a necessary property of faithful rationales, for these models. Using our measurements, we show that a state-of-the-art joint model based on T5 has strengths and weaknesses for producing faithful rationales.


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