Maximum Lifetime Analytics in IoT Networks

by   Victor Valls, et al.

This paper studies the problem of allocating bandwidth and computation resources to data analytics tasks in Internet of Things (IoT) networks. IoT nodes are powered by batteries, can process (some of) the data locally, and the quality grade or performance of how data analytics tasks are carried out depends on where these are executed. The goal is to design a resource allocation algorithm that jointly maximizes the network lifetime and the performance of the data analytics tasks subject to energy constraints. This joint maximization problem is challenging with coupled resource constraints that induce non-convexity. We first show that the problem can be mapped to an equivalent convex problem, and then propose an online algorithm that provably solves the problem and does not require any a priori knowledge of the time-varying wireless link capacities and data analytics arrival process statistics. The algorithm's optimality properties are derived using an analysis which, to the best of our knowledge, proves for the first time the convergence of the dual subgradient method with time-varying sets. Our simulations seeded by real IoT device energy measurements, show that the network connectivity plays a crucial role in network lifetime maximization, that the algorithm can obtain both maximum network lifetime and maximum data analytics performance in addition to maximizing the joint objective, and that the algorithm increases the network lifetime by approximately 50 minimizes the total energy consumption.


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