Maximizing Entanglement Routing Rate in Quantum Networks: Approximation Algorithms

by   Tu N. Nguyen, et al.

There will be a fast-paced shift from conventional network systems to novel quantum networks that are supported by the quantum entanglement and teleportation, key technologies of the quantum era, to enable secured data transmissions in the next-generation of the Internet. Despite this prospect, migration to quantum networks cannot be done at once, especially on the aspect of quantum routing. In this paper, we study the maximizing entangled routing rate (MERR) problem. In particular, given a set of demands, we try to determine entangled routing paths for the maximum number of demands in the quantum network while meeting the network's fidelity. We first formulate the MERR problem using an integer linear programming (ILP) model to capture the traffic patent for all demands in the network. We then leverage the theory of relaxation of ILP to devise two efficient algorithms including HBRA and RRA with provable approximation ratios for the objective function. To deal with the challenge of the combinatorial optimization problem in big scale networks, we also propose the path-length-based approach (PLBA) to solve the MERR problem. Using both simulations and an open quantum network simulator platform to conduct experiments with real-world topologies and traffic matrices, we evaluate the performance of our algorithms and show up the success of maximizing entangled routing rate.


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