Maximal Closed Substrings

by   Golnaz Badkobeh, et al.

A string is closed if it has length 1 or has a nonempty border without internal occurrences. In this paper we introduce the definition of a maximal closed substring (MCS), which is an occurrence of a closed substring that cannot be extended to the left nor to the right into a longer closed substring. MCSs with exponent at least 2 are commonly called runs; those with exponent smaller than 2, instead, are particular cases of maximal gapped repeats. We show that a string of length n contains 𝒪(n^1.5) MCSs. We also provide an output-sensitive algorithm that, given a string of length n over a constant-size alphabet, locates all m MCSs the string contains in 𝒪(nlog n + m) time.


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