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Max-Min Off-Policy Actor-Critic Method Focusing on Worst-Case Robustness to Model Misspecification

by   Takumi Tanabe, et al.

In the field of reinforcement learning, because of the high cost and risk of policy training in the real world, policies are trained in a simulation environment and transferred to the corresponding real-world environment. However, the simulation environment does not perfectly mimic the real-world environment, lead to model misspecification. Multiple studies report significant deterioration of policy performance in a real-world environment. In this study, we focus on scenarios involving a simulation environment with uncertainty parameters and the set of their possible values, called the uncertainty parameter set. The aim is to optimize the worst-case performance on the uncertainty parameter set to guarantee the performance in the corresponding real-world environment. To obtain a policy for the optimization, we propose an off-policy actor-critic approach called the Max-Min Twin Delayed Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient algorithm (M2TD3), which solves a max-min optimization problem using a simultaneous gradient ascent descent approach. Experiments in multi-joint dynamics with contact (MuJoCo) environments show that the proposed method exhibited a worst-case performance superior to several baseline approaches.


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