Matrix factorization with Binary Components

01/23/2014 ∙ by Martin Slawski, et al. ∙ 0

Motivated by an application in computational biology, we consider low-rank matrix factorization with {0,1}-constraints on one of the factors and optionally convex constraints on the second one. In addition to the non-convexity shared with other matrix factorization schemes, our problem is further complicated by a combinatorial constraint set of size 2^m · r, where m is the dimension of the data points and r the rank of the factorization. Despite apparent intractability, we provide - in the line of recent work on non-negative matrix factorization by Arora et al. (2012) - an algorithm that provably recovers the underlying factorization in the exact case with O(m r 2^r + mnr + r^2 n) operations for n datapoints. To obtain this result, we use theory around the Littlewood-Offord lemma from combinatorics.



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