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Mathematical osmosis imaging for multi-modal and multi-spectral applications in Cultural Heritage conservation

by   Simone Parisotto, et al.

In this work we present a dual-mode mid-infrared workflow [6], for detecting sub-superficial mural damages in frescoes artworks. Due to the large nature of frescoes, multiple thermal images are recorded. Thus, the experimental setup may introduce measurements errors, seen as inter-frame changes in the image contrast, after mosaicking. An approach to lowering errors is to post-process the mosaic [10] via osmosis partial differential equation (PDE) [12, 13], which preserves details, mass and balance the lights: efficient numerical study for osmosis on large images is proposed [2, 11], based on operator splitting [8]. Our range of Cultural Heritage applications include the detection of sub-superficial voids in Monocromo (L. Da Vinci, Castello Sforzesco, Milan) [5], the light-balance for multi-spectral imaging and the data integration on the Archimedes Palimpsest [10].


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