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Massive Parallelization of Massive Sample-size Survival Analysis

by   Jianxiao Yang, et al.

Large-scale observational health databases are increasingly popular for conducting comparative effectiveness and safety studies of medical products. However, increasing number of patients poses computational challenges when fitting survival regression models in such studies. In this paper, we use graphics processing units (GPUs) to parallelize the computational bottlenecks of massive sample-size survival analyses. Specifically, we develop and apply time- and memory-efficient single-pass parallel scan algorithms for Cox proportional hazards models and forward-backward parallel scan algorithms for Fine-Gray models for analysis with and without a competing risk using a cyclic coordinate descent optimization approach We demonstrate that GPUs accelerate the computation of fitting these complex models in large databases by orders-of-magnitude as compared to traditional multi-core CPU parallelism. Our implementation enables efficient large-scale observational studies involving millions of patients and thousands of patient characteristics.


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