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Market-Oriented Online Bi-Objective Service Scheduling for Pleasingly Parallel Jobs with Variable Resources in Cloud Environments

by   Bingbing Zheng, et al.

In this paper, we study the market-oriented online bi-objective service scheduling problem for pleasingly parallel jobs with variable resources in cloud environments, from the perspective of SaaS (Software-as-as-Service) providers who provide job-execution services. The main process of scheduling SaaS services in clouds is: a SaaS provider purchases cloud instances from IaaS providers to schedule end users' jobs and charges users accordingly. This problem has several particular features, such as the job-oriented end users, the pleasingly parallel jobs with soft deadline constraints, the online settings, and the variable numbers of resources. For maximizing both the revenue and the user satisfaction rate, we design an online algorithm for SaaS providers to optimally purchase IaaS instances and schedule pleasingly parallel jobs. The proposed algorithm can achieve competitive objectives in polynomial run-time. The theoretical analysis and simulations based on real-world Google job traces as well as synthetic datasets validate the effectiveness and efficiency of our algorithm.


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