Market Interventions in a Large-Scale Virtual Economy

by   Senan Hogan-Hennessy, et al.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games often contain sophisticated in-game economies. Many important real-world economic phenomena, such as inflation, economic growth, and business cycles, are also present in these virtual economies. One major difference between real-world and virtual economies is the ease and frequency by which a policymaker, in this case, a game developer, can introduce economic shocks. These economic shocks, typically implemented with game updates or signaled through community channels, provide fertile ground to study the effects of economic interventions on markets. In this work, we study the effect of in-game economic market interventions, namely, a transaction tax and an item sink, in Old School RuneScape. Using causal inference methods, we find that the tax did not meaningfully affect the trading volume of items at the tax boundaries and that the item sink contributed to the inflation of luxury good prices, without reducing trade volume. Furthermore, we find evidence that the illicit gold trading market was relatively unaffected by the implemented market interventions. Our findings yield useful insights not only into the effect of market interventions in virtual economies but also for real-world markets.


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