Map Enhanced Route Travel Time Prediction using Deep Neural Networks

by   Soumi Das, et al.

Travel time estimation is a fundamental problem in transportation science with extensive literature. The study of these techniques has intensified due to availability of many publicly available large trip datasets. Recently developed deep learning based models have improved the generality and performance and have focused on estimating times for individual sub-trajectories and aggregating them to predict the travel time of the entire trajectory. However, these techniques ignore the road network information. In this work, we propose and study techniques for incorporating road networks along with historical trips' data into travel time prediction. We incorporate both node embeddings as well as road distance into the existing model. Experiments on large real-world benchmark datasets suggest improved performance, especially when the train data is small. As expected, the proposed method performs better than the baseline when there is a larger difference between road distance and Vincenty distance between start and end points.


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