Management's Perspective on Critical Success Factors Affecting Mobile Learning in Higher Education Institutions - An Empirical Study

by   Muasaad Alrasheedi, et al.

Mobile learning (m-Learning) is considered to be one of the fastest growing learning platforms. The immense interest in m-Learning is attributed to the incredible rate of growth of mobile technology and its proliferation into every aspect of modern life. Despite this, m-Learning has not experienced a similar adoption rate in the education sector, chiefly higher education. Researchers have attempted to explain this anomaly by conducting several studies in the area. However, mostly the research in m-Learning is examined from the perspective of the students and educators. In this research, it is contended that there is a third important stakeholder group whose opinion is equally important in determining the success of m-Learning: the university management. Although diversified by nature, heads of departments, deans, and IT system administrators are nevertheless considered members of any university management. The results of the research show that university commitment to m-Learning, university learning practices, and change management practices were the factors critical to the success of m-Learning, from the university management perspective.


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