Mammograms Classification: A Review

by   Marawan Elbatel, et al.

An advanced reliable low-cost form of screening method, Digital mammography has been used as an effective imaging method for breast cancer detection. With an increased focus on technologies to aid healthcare, Mammogram images have been utilized in developing computer-aided diagnosis systems that will potentially help in clinical diagnosis. Researchers have proved that artificial intelligence with its emerging technologies can be used in the early detection of the disease and improve radiologists' performance in assessing breast cancer. In this paper, we review the methods developed for mammogram mass classification in two categories. The first one is classifying manually provided cropped region of interests (ROI) as either malignant or benign, and the second one is the classification of automatically segmented ROIs as either malignant or benign. We also provide an overview of datasets and evaluation metrics used in the classification task. Finally, we compare and discuss the deep learning approach to classical image processing and learning approach in this domain.



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