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Malaria Parasitic Detection using a New Deep Boosted and Ensemble Learning Framework

by   Saddam Hussain Khan, et al.

Malaria is a potentially fatal plasmodium parasite injected by female anopheles mosquitoes that infect red blood cells and millions worldwide yearly. However, specialists' manual screening in clinical practice is laborious and prone to error. Therefore, a novel Deep Boosted and Ensemble Learning (DBEL) framework, comprising the stacking of new Boosted-BR-STM convolutional neural networks (CNN) and ensemble classifiers, is developed to screen malaria parasite images. The proposed STM-SB-BRNet is based on a new dilated-convolutional block-based split transform merge (STM) and feature-map Squeezing-Boosting (SB) ideas. Moreover, the new STM block uses regional and boundary operations to learn the malaria parasite's homogeneity, heterogeneity, and boundary with patterns. Furthermore, the diverse boosted channels are attained by employing Transfer Learning-based new feature-map SB in STM blocks at the abstract, medium, and conclusion levels to learn minute intensity and texture variation of the parasitic pattern. The proposed DBEL framework implicates the stacking of prominent and diverse boosted channels and provides the generated discriminative features of the developed Boosted-BR-STM to the ensemble of ML classifiers. The proposed framework improves the discrimination ability and generalization of ensemble learning. Moreover, the deep feature spaces of the developed Boosted-BR-STM and customized CNNs are fed into ML classifiers for comparative analysis. The proposed DBEL framework outperforms the existing techniques on the NIH malaria dataset that are enhanced using discrete wavelet transform to enrich feature space. The proposed DBEL framework achieved accuracy (98.50 (0.997), which suggest it to be utilized for malaria parasite screening.


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